Why did Judge Corriero leave Hot Bench?

Judge Corriero has not left Hot Bench and he is actually the only judge that stayed on for season nine, where he is joined by two new judges.

Hot Bench has been one of the most unique court-based programs on television since the inception of the show.

However, the show’s unique three-judge panel format has changed and shifted over the years. Currently, Judge Corriero is the only veteran judge who has not left the show yet and he is joined by two new judges in season nine of Hot Bench.

Why do people love Hot Bench?

Hot Bench, which started airing on CBS in 2014, has managed to stand out among the other, similar court-based programs on television.

This is because Hot Bench has a panel of judges that preside over each case that appears on the show.

This is part of what many fans love about the show, because it allows them to get an inside look at how multiple judges approach each case and how they defend their verdict to the other judges on the panel.

Why did Judge Corriero leave Hot Bench?

The panel of judges on Hot Bench consists of three judges that come to a majority-rule verdict on the cases in each episode. However, the three judges that make up this judging panel have changed quite a bit through the nine seasons of the show.

Initially, when the show started in 2014, the three judges on the show were attorneys Tanya Acker, Larry Bakman, as well as the former Brooklyn New York Supreme Court judge, Patricia DiMango.

However, Larry Bakman announced that he would be leaving the show in October 2016, so that he could spend more time focusing on his own law practice. His final episode on the show aired as part of the show’s third season on 28 November 2016.

It was at this point in the show that Judge Michael Corriero joined the cast. Judge Corriero’s first episode on Hot Bench aired on 1 November 2016 and he served alongside Judge Acker and Judge DiMango for another six seasons.

However, in 2022 the judging panel on the show changed again, but in this instance, Judge Corriero was the only judge in the panel who did not leave Hot Bench.

By the ninth season of the show, judges Acker and DiMango were replaced by two new judges, Judges Yodit Tewolde and Judge Rachel Juarez.

As of now, Judge Corriero has still not left the show and he is now the chief judge on Hot Bench.

What did Judge Corriero do before he joined Hot Bench?

As with all the other Judges that have made an appearance on Hot Bench through the years, Judge Corriero is an accomplished prosecutor and attorney outside of his role on the show.

His career has included many impressive titles, such as working as a prosecutor in the office of Manhattan District Attorney, Frank Hogan, and serving as a judge in the criminal courts of New York State for 28 years before he joined the show.

However, one of Judge Corriero’s proudest accomplishments, aside from starring in this popular television program, has been his role in presiding over Manhattan’s Youth Part, before he retired from the bench in 2008.

What does Judge Corriero think about being on Hot Bench?

As a veteran Hot Bench judge of six years, Judge Corriero has shared his thoughts on the value of the show a few times over the years.

As a result, it is clear that the main reason why Judge Corriero keeps agreeing to be on the show year after year is because he truly believes that the show’s premise allows the people who argue their cases in the episodes justice and even reconciliation.

What does the future hold for Judge Corriero and Hot Bench?

Judge Corriero has confirmed that the two new judges on Hot Bench have given the show a fresh and new perspective, and that this has also made him feel much older in the process.

Even though the chemistry between the judges on season nine of Hot Bench may be slightly different to that of previous seasons, Judge Corriero has been on the show for so long that he will always bring a sense of familiarity to long-time viewers, no matter how much the show changes in the years to come.

However, after Judge Judy, the creator of the show, announced that she would be cutting ties with CBS after the way that they bumped Hot Bench to secondary channels in 2021, it could be that the show will have to find a new home in the future, but this is all just speculation at this point.

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