What is Heather from Garage Squad doing now?

Heather has created her own YouTube series, television shows, personal blog, and even a podcast since she left Garage Squad in 2018.

Garage Squad sets itself apart from other car restoration shows because it focuses on old and neglected projects.

Heather Storm was one of the co-hosts of Garage Squad before she left the show in 2018. However, she is still creating entertaining content through her YouTube series, blog posts television shows, and podcast to this day.

Why do people like watching Garage Squad?

Motor Trend’s Garage Squad started airing in 2014 and follows a group of mechanics that lend their expertise to so-called weekend mechanics who are struggling to restore their pet projects.

Most classic car fanatics can identify with the emotional attachment that the owners on the show have to their often rusting and neglected cars.

Getting to see these beloved cars being transformed into the vehicles of the owners’ dreams is part of what makes watching the show so special.

What is Heather from Garage Squad doing now?

One of the other things about Garage Squad that has really set the show apart from other, similar car restoration shows, is the fact that the show has had many female hosts over the years.

Heather Storm is just one of the women that has featured throughout the show and she was the bubbly and charismatic Garage Squad co-host.

Heather was a quick fan-favourite on the show because of her unique on-screen personality which combined her technical knowledge about classic cars with her natural hosting ability.

This is why so many fans were disappointed to hear that she would be leaving the show in 2018 after five seasons as the co-host.

Fortunately, since Heather left the Garage Squad, she has been as busy as ever creating various forms of automotive and lifestyle content that her fans can enjoy.

From Heather’s social media profiles and personal blog, it is evident that she definitely focused on blogging about her travels around the world after she left the show.

From there, she also went on to create her own YouTube series titled “Drive Yourself Local” where she tours America in her Ford Mustang, and she became the executive producer of “Awesome Autos”.

She has also continued her work as an influencer and model by starring in advertisements and attending events since she left the show.

More recently, she has also joined the podcast Man Seeks adventure with Brad Fanshaw and Dave Marek, in which they discuss everything from travel and food, to wine.

How did Heather land the co-host role on Garage Squad?

Heather had already built up a following through her extensive experience as an actress, brand ambassador, fitness trainer, model, and producer even before the producers of Garage Squad picked her to be the co-host on the show.

She also appeared in films such as No Bad DaysRush Hour 3, and Epic Movie, as well as television shows like Tosh.01000 Ways to Die, and Manswers.

Her experience in front of the camera is likely what helped her appear so genuine and comfortable alongside Bruno Massel and Joe Zolper on Garage Squad and what landed her the role of co-host to begin with.

Did Heather leave Garage Squad amicably?

Although there were initially some rumours that there was drama behind the scenes when Heather left Garage Squad, these rumours have since quieted down after Discovery put out a press release thanking Heather for her contribution to the show.

Heather also posted her own message to Facebook shortly after the announcement of her departure from the show, emphasising the fact that she enjoyed her time on the show.

She also wished her replacement, Cristy Lee, good luck, which indicates that Heather’s split from the show was likely amicable for all the parties involved.

Heather’s love for cars

Heather is a self-proclaimed gear-head and one of the things about Heather that fans of Garage Squad always noticed and appreciated while she was co-hosting the show was her genuine knowledge and love for classic cars.

Heather has reminisced over the years that this was likely due to the fact that she always helped her father out around their home and garage when he was restoring the house and their cars.

However, from Heather’s continued involvement in the automotive entertainment industry, even after she left the show, it is evident that she is a true lover of classic cars and travel.

Heather has also been very verbal about wanting to create a space for young women who are interested in automotive entertainment in the industry over the years, which has helped her pass this passion on to other people.

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