That ‘90s Show: Do Eric and Donna break up?

Donna and Eric do not break up in the 15 years between the original show and That ‘90s show, and they even get married and have a daughter.

That ‘90s Show captures the same charm as the original series, That ‘70s Show, and features many of the same characters and tropes.

For instance, Eric and Donna, who had just gotten back together at the end of the original show, are still together and are now married with a child in That ‘90s Show.

Is the That ‘90s Show reboot any good?

Reviving a popular sitcom from the ‘90s certainly comes with very high expectations, but Netflix’s That ‘90s Show has ticked all of the boxes.

Although the reviews for this sequel have been somewhat polarising so far, most people agree that the show at least captures the same charm that the original had.

Of course, this series borrows a lot of its plot from the original. However, the creators of the show have managed to modernise it and upgrade the characters in a way that makes them feel both familiar and fresh.

That ‘90s Show: Do Eric and Donna break up?

While many new cast members have joined the call sheet for That ‘90s Show, most of the original characters have returned to the show to portray older versions of their original characters, including Laura Prepon (who plays Donna on the show) and Topher Grace (who plays Eric).

Shortly after it was announced that the That ‘90s Show reboot was in the works and that several members of the original cast would be reprising their roles, rumours started swirling.

These rumours claimed that Donna and Eric, who were the main love story in the original narrative but who ended on a rocky note with their relationship at the end of the eighth season, would have broken up in the 15 years that elapsed between the two shows.

Fortunately, when the first season of That ‘90s Show premiered on Netflix on 19 January 2023, these rumours were laid to rest.

During the first few scenes of the reboot, Donna and Eric are shown still together after all this time. In fact, since the end of That ‘70s Show, Donna and Eric got married, moved to Chicago, and had a daughter named Leia.

Leia is introduced as the new main character for That ‘90s Show when she decides to spend the summer with her grandparents, Kitty and Red.

This gives way to her and her friends getting settled in the basement in the same way that Eric, Donna, and all of their friends did in the original show.

Why did fans think that Donna and Eric would have broken up?

Donna and Eric’s will-they-won’t-they relationship was one of the main storylines in the original show. By the seventh season, Eric and Donna were on the verge of being married, but they ultimately decided to call off the wedding entirely.

After this, Eric left for Africa and after he and Donna could not make their relationship work long distance, they broke up for good.

Fortunately, in the very last episode of the series, the pair managed to patch things up, but they never officially got back together on the show, which is why fans were suspicious about whether they would still be together 15 years later.

What happened to Eric and Donna since That ’70s Show?

That ‘90s Show has explained a lot of what happened to the original characters since That ’70s Show ended including what has happened to Eric and Donna since the series finale.

It turns out that Eric decided to put his time teaching in Africa to good use since he is now a professor who teaches the Religion of Star Wars in Chicago. Donna is an author and they are both still just as in love as they were at the end of That ‘70s Show.

Who are the other returning cast members in That ‘90s Show?

Aside from the fact that Laura Prepon and Topher Grace return periodically throughout the first season of the show to check on their daughter, fans can also expect to see Debra Jo Rupp reprise her role as the loveable and excitable Kitty Forman and Kurtwood Smith as grumpy Red Forman.

This time around, Kitty and Red are grandparents instead of parents, and viewers get to see a whole new side of their relationships with the grown-up versions of the original cast.

Most of the original friend group, including Jackie Burkhart (Mila Kunis), Michael Kelso (Ashton Kutcher), Fez (Wilmer Valderrama), and even Donna’s dad Bob (Don Stark), also make an appearance in the first season of the That ‘90s Show reboot.

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