Ginny & Georgia: Do Ginny and Max make up?

In Ginny & Georgia, Ginny and Max do makeup after their fight involving Ginny’s relationship with Marcus and M.A.N.G is reunited.

Ginny definitely had more intense storylines in the second season of Ginny & Georgia, but this led to a lot of growth for the character.

One of her biggest struggles this season was the falling out that she had with her best friend, Max. Fortunately, by the fourth episode, Ginny and Max make up.

What happened to Ginny in the second season of Ginny & Georgia?

The first season of Ginny & Georgia followed Ginny as she adjusted to her new life at yet another town and school. However, the second season of the show featured an even more intense rollercoaster of emotions for young Ginny.

Throughout the second season of the show, Ginny finds love with Marcus and loses it again. She also learns to deal with her mother’s past and her own inner demons and grows into a stronger person overall.

Ginny & Georgia: Do Ginny and Max make up?

Maxine “Max” Baker is one of the first friends that Ginny made in the first season of the show and she is best known for her dramatic and over-the-top personality.

Max also happens to live right next to Ginny and she is the twin of Ginny’s love interest in the second season, Marcus Baker.

However, when Max found out that Marcus and Ginny had been secretly hooking up for some time in the finale episode of the first season, it was clear that this would cause a rift in her friendship with Ginny and the rest of the M.A.N.G group. M.A.N.G is the self-established moniker of the friendship between Max, Abby, Norah, and Ginny on the show.

By the time the second season of Ginny & Georgia started and Ginny had returned to school, Max’s disapproval of Ginny’s blossoming relationship with her brother had grown so much that she had disbanded the group and was not speaking to Abby because she was mad that Abby knew about the flirtation and did not tell her.

This continued well into the season, with Max and Ginny actively avoiding and being snide towards one another.

Fortunately, Ginny and Max do makeup about halfway through the season in episode four, when Ginny decides to confront Max about how she has hurt her throughout this fight and the two young women discuss their feelings openly with each other.

After Ginny confesses that she really is in love with Marcus, Max tries her best to support the two of them for the remainder of the season.

Will this peace between Max and Ginny last?

Although it may seem like Max and Ginny went from being extremely angry at each other to being friends again surprisingly quickly, their newfound peace is likely to last as both of them really seem to care for one another.

In fact, after they makeup, Ginny even sacrifices her night alone with Marcus so that Max can have her party after Brody’s basement is flooded.

Max reciprocates this good faith later on when she tells Ginny that Marcus is really struggling with his depression and that is the reason he broke up with her.

What happened between Abby and Max?

When Max decided to cut all communication with Ginny because she was having a relationship with her brother, she also kicked Abby out of the group. Being cut off from all of her friends so suddenly made Abby very sad.

Furthermore, even though she was also included in the group again later on, she did admit to Norah that she was disappointed that everyone in the group followed Max’s lead and ignored her so easily. Fortunately, she did have Ginny as a friend in this time.

What does the future hold for Max?

Although Netflix has not yet officially renewed Ginny & Georgia for a third season, fans have already started speculating on social media about what might happen with their favourite characters in future seasons.

Max has definitely grown up a lot in the second season of the show, learning to accept that her friends have their own lives and learning that she does not have to be the lead in a show to have fun.

Most fans are hoping to see this trend continue in the next season of the show. Sara Waisglass, who plays Max on the show, has also said that she is excited to see Max settle into her skin at the end of season two

There is also a strong possibility of a new relationship between Max and the talented costume designer, Silver, in the future.

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