Who died on American Restoration?

So far, no one has died from the original six seasons of American Restoration, including Rick, his family, and his staff.

Reality shows like American Restoration are some of the most popular shows on television for many reasons, but mostly because they are more engaging for viewers to watch.

Even though American Restoration wrote off Rick Dale, his family, and his Rick’s Restorations staff before the final season of the show, none of them have died and some of them have even started their own businesses outside the show.

Why are reality television programs so popular?

Restoration shows, like American Restoration, are just one small part of the reality television world, and this genre also includes dating shows, athletic competition shows, cooking shows, talent shows and more.

The chances are that you have happened upon one of these shows while flipping through the options on your favourite broadcast network or streaming service, but many people have wondered just how this genre has managed to become so popular in the first place.

The main reason why reality television programs are so popular is because these shows require a more active participation from its viewers.

Often, they have to root for their favourite act or decipher why there is drama between different characters and how they would have acted in that situation.

Who died on American Restoration?

Although American Restoration is just one of the reality television programs on television, the show quickly became extremely successful and managed to bring in an average of 2.9 million viewers per week in the five years that the show aired between 2010 and 2016.

One of the clear reasons why American Restoration managed to make such a popular name for itself, despite the fact that it was technically a spin-off of another History channel show called Pawn Stars, is because of the star of the show, Rick Dale, and his family and colleagues who worked at the Rick’s Restorations store.

Although many fans were shocked when Rick and his team were removed from the show in its seventh season to be replaced by five completely new restoration shops and new characters, and rumours immediately started circulating about the whereabouts of Rick, his family, and his staff, as of 23 November 2022, none of these rumours seem to be true.

Rick Dale, his son, Tyler Dale, and his stepson Brettly Otterman, his wife Kelly Dale, and the other members of the Rick’s Restoration staff like Kevin “Kowboy” Lowery and Kyle Astorga, are all still alive, despite the rumours that they died since the sixth season of the show aired in 2014.

What is Rick Dale doing now?

Most of the rumours that claim that someone from American Restoration has died seem to be based on the fact that Rick’s Restorations in Las Vegas has shut down for business and the fact that Rick no longer appears on any new television shows.

However, even so, the official Rick’s Restorations website is still active online and even though the information on the website has not been updated since Rick, his family, and his staff, were written out of American Restoration, Rick’s social media profiles are up to date.

In fact, they give the impression that even though he may not be focusing on his store anymore, he is still tackling new restoration projects and focusing on his family.

What is Rick’s family doing now?

After their run on American Restoration ended, Kelly went back into the real-estate business in Las Vegas to continue providing for her family.

From Tyler Dale’s social media pages, it is clear that he is following in his father’s footsteps and that he still restores and rebuilds a variety of things for his own business.

The same is true for Brettly. Although he did not have a particularly prominent role on the show initially, he has gone on to start his own business in Las Vegas called Clean Works Blasting, which specialises in professional sandblasting.

What are Kowboy and Kyle doing now?

However, not all of the original cast of American Restoration have kept fans of the show updated on their personal lives on social media after the show ended.

Kowboy was already uncomfortable with the attention that he was getting from the show while it was airing and though fans are pretty sure that he is still alive, he has shied away from any public appearances and seems to be living a quiet, solitary life on his farm.

The same can be said for Kyle and the rest of the Rick’s Restoration staff who seemingly just went on with their regular lives after the show ended.

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