The White Lotus: Why did Lucia play Albie?

In The White Lotus, although their relationship seemed genuine at some point, Lucia was really just playing Albie all along to get money out of him.

The White Lotus has quickly become one of HBO’s most popular shows, because of the unique point of view that the show has.

The White Lotus is also known for its mysteries and plot twists, like when it was revealed that Lucia was just playing Albie all throughout the season in order to scam him out of €50,000.

Why do people watch The White Lotus?

The White Lotus became an overnight hit with audiences after its premiere in 2021 and the second season premiere, which aired on 30 October 2022, brought in about 1.5 million viewers on HBO and HBO Max, which is rare for such a young show.

Experts have weighed in with their opinions on why this show has managed to become so popular so quickly.

It really comes down to Mike White’s brilliant vision for the show and his uncanny ability to create characters and narrative plots that audiences love to hate.

The White Lotus: Why did Lucia play Albie?

The second season of The White Lotus featured the same kind of underhanded schemes, new relationships, affairs, mysteries, and death that fans of the show have come to expect after watching the first season.

Now that the seventh and final episode of the season has aired, fans of the show finally have some answers and, in some cases, even more questions about the mysteries that have been plaguing them throughout the season.

One of the relationships on the series that has caused quite a bit of discord on social media and in the press since the first episode of this season is the budding relationship between the Sicilian local, Lucia Greco and the White Lotus guest, Albie Di Grasso.

While it was clear to fans from the start that Lucia is doing everything she can to achieve her ambitions in life, she and the naïve Albie really seemed to form a genuine connection in the last part of the second season.

However, by the final episode of this season, it was confirmed that Lucia was playing Albie all along and that her supposed life-threatening feud with her “pimp,” Alessio was all just a cleverly-executed hoax.

Although this twist near the end of the season shocked many fans of the show, it is evident, now that the whole story has been revealed, that Lucia really just played Albie from the beginning in order to scam him out of €50,000.

Why is Lucia attracted to Albie initially?

Simona Tabasco, who plays Lucia on the show, has explained that Lucia is only playing the part of a sex worker in this season of The White Lotus and that she feels extremely judged for what she does before she meets Albie.

This is why when she finally meets the sweet and innocent Albie, she is instantly drawn to him, because he does not judge her.

Lucia also mentions early on in their relationship that she has always wanted to move to Los Angeles and that Albie could be her gateway into this world if her other scam does not work out.

What happened in the love-triangle between Dom, Albie, and Lucia?

Part of what made so many fans of the show suspicious of Lucia’s true intentions with Albie from the beginning was the fact that she also slept with his father, Dominic “Dom” Di Grasso in the first episode.

However, even after Lucia skips out on Albie, Dom still does not tell him the truth. This is even after Albie promised to put in a good word with his mother if Dom lent him the money, which means that in a way, he is also getting played by his own father.

What is next for Lucia after the season two finale?

In the final moments of season two, it is revealed that Alessio was never Lucia’s pimp and that he actually works at a different hotel. Alessio was just helping Lucia, his friend to scam an unsuspecting tourist.

Lucia and Mia have been linked all throughout this season of The White Lotus, and judging by the way that they cheerfully walk holding hands in the streets of Sicily during the final moments of the season, it is clear that they will be continuing their scamming and scheming in order to get what they want, even after the season concludes.

After all, they got away with scamming Albie without any consequences. Even so, Albie does have a reunion with Portia at the airport and this constitutes a somewhat happy ending for the character after all.


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