The White Lotus: Was Alessio real?

Alessio is a real person, but he is not Lucia’s pimp like she told Albie, he is her friend who helped her to execute her scam.

The first season of The White Lotus helped the show become very popular and the second season has retained many of the good qualities of the show.

One of these good qualities is the mysterious plot. By the end of the second season, it was revealed that Lucia’s “pimp,” Alessio, was really just her friend and was helping her scam Albie.

Is the second season of The White Lotus as good as the first?

The White Lotus gained a cult-like following pretty quickly after its first season premiered. Since the first season was a sleeper hit, expectations were definitely high for the second season.

Fortunately, season two of this anthology series has managed to capture the same chaotic, sexy, and mysterious tone that helped the show gain its following initially.

The White Lotus: Was Alessio real?

Part of what has made this second season of the series so intriguing to fans is the fact that this season’s plot focuses more intently on the sexual politics of the relationships at the resort.

In fact, one of the most shocking revelations to have come out of the finale episode of The White Lotus’s second season was the true nature of the relationship between Lucia and Albie, and subsequently, Alessio’s true relationship with Lucia.

In this final episode, titled “Arrivederci” which aired on 11 December 2022, Lucia convinces her new and naïve love-interest, Albie, to give her €‎50,000 so that she can escape from Alessio.

Up until this point, Lucia had been telling Albie about how violent and vindictive her supposed pimp is and he even witnessed Alessio grabbing her during one of their dates.

However, once the money is transferred to Lucia, it quickly becomes apparent that her entire relationship with Albie was just a cleverly-constructed ruse, and that Alessio was never her pimp to begin with.

Near the end of the episode, Lucia and her confidante Mia, are shown thanking Alessio, who is actually a worker at a different hotel in Sicily and the girls’ friend, for his help with their scheme.

Thus, although Alessio really exists, he is not Lucia’s pimp and is just a doorman who helped his friend  scam a vacationing tourist.

Were there any hints at Alessio’s true identity in this season of the show?

Now that Alessio’s true identity has been revealed to be a friendly doorman, many fans have been re-watching previous episodes of the show to try and find hints that things were not as they seemed all along.

As such, many fans uncovered that Alessio actually made an appearance in the very first episode of the series.

In this episode, Lucia and Mia are walking toward the White Lotus’s boat when they see Alessio.

They greet each other with a friendly “Ciao,” which is in stark contrast to the contentious relationship that they pretend to have later on in the show.

Did fans of the show see Alessio’s true identity coming?

Although fans did not necessarily notice the Easter egg of Alessio’s true identity in the first episode of the show, many people felt as if something was just not right about Lucia’s story throughout the season .

However, the leading theories, before the final episode of The White Lotus aired, were slightly off-base in theorising that Alessio may be another one of Lucia’s lovers or Lucia’s brother, and that this story arc would end in a stand-off between Alessio and Albie.

Unfortunately, the true ending did not turn out much better for Albie anyway.

What is still unresolved in this final episode of season two?

Although the “Does Lucia really love Albie?” and “Who is Alessio really?” questions that have been plaguing fans of The White Lotus in its second season have been answered, several unanswered questions still remain.

One of the biggest of these questions is whether Quentin and Greg were really plotting all season long to kill Tanya so that they could get their hands on her inheritance.

Although Tanya does die in the finale episode, the conspiracy behind her death and the true nature of the relationship between her husband, Greg, and his friend, Quentin, is never disclosed.

On this same note, some fans are still not convinced that Harper cheated on Ethan with Cameron, and since this resulted in Ethan’s Isola Bella trip with Daphne, it is still unclear what will happen with Harper and Ethan’s relationship moving forward.

However, the show has always kept fans in the dark about as many details as possible, so this is nothing new for them.

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