Is Jenna Ortega in You season 4?

Jenna Ortega could not return to film for season 4 of You, because she had scheduling conflicts.

Jenna Ortega made a great impression as young Ellie Alves in the second season of You, where she had to stand up to her creepy boss and murderous neighbour, Joe.

However, since then, Ortega has also starred in Wednesday, and as such, her busy schedule has prevented her from reprising her role as Ellie in the fourth season of You.

What happened to Ellie in You season 2

Jenna Ortega is one of those actresses who becomes the favourite character in just about all of the movies or shows that she appears in. This was also the case when Ortega starred in the second season of the Netflix thriller, You.

In You, Ortega was introduced as Ellie Alves, the spunky and smart teenage sister of Delilah. In the second season of the show, Alves unwittingly gets involved in a number of schemes.

Firstly, she is almost assaulted by her manager, Henderson, and then her sister goes missing. By the end of the season, she had no family left and nowhere to go.

Is Jenna Ortega in You season 4?

As tragic as Ellie’s life seems in the second season of You, she is one of the few characters that have gotten close to Joe through the course of the show and not ended up dead.

By the end of the second season of You, Joe tells Ellie that Delilah is never coming back. Joe then encourages her to move on with her life and start a new chapter by moving to Los Angeles. He then gives her some money to get her started on the new journey.

Ellie was definitely a fan-favourite when she first appeared on the show and the assumption has always been that she and Joe remained in close contact after she left for Los Angeles.

This has made fans excited to see whether Ortega would reprise her role as Ellie Elves in the new, fourth season of the show.

However, unfortunately, the showrunner of You, Sera Gamble, has revealed that even though they were planning to bring Ellie back in the fourth season, Ortega’s filming schedule for her new hit show, Wednesday, interfered with this plan and thus, the idea was scrapped.

At this point, Wednesday has already been picked up by Netflix for another season, and Ortega has other projects like the upcoming Scream VI film.

Therefore, it seems unlikely that she will have the space in her schedule to make an appearance in the second part of You’s a fourth season, even though she has expressed interest in this idea in the past.

Do Joe and Ellie still keep in contact with one another?

When season four of You starts, it seems like Joe has left his old life behind completely to assume his new identity as Jonathan Moore. In fact, he even leaves his son behind in America.

However, before his big move overseas, the show made multiple references to the fact that Joe and Ellie were still close, and he even continued to send her money in the third season of the show.

So, while Joe has not mentioned Ellie so far in the fourth season of the show, it does not mean that he is not still looking out for her.

Will the show bring back other characters from previous seasons?

The chances may be slim that the stars will align long enough for Ortega to film new scenes as Ellie for season four of You, but the series has brought back characters in the past.

For example, in the first season, Joe’s girlfriend, Candace, who he believed to be dead, came back to haunt him.

In this case, the show could still bring back actors like Elizabeth Lail, Victoria Pedretti, Dylan Arnold, Shay Mitchell, Carmela Zumbado, Travis Van Winkle, Shalita Grant, James Scully, Zach Cherry, and even John Stamos, if their schedules allow.

What is season 4 of You all about?

The team behind You certainly knows how to keep the show interesting and the audience on the edges of their seats. But the fourth season is even more unexpected than those that came before it.

In this newest season of the show, Joe is tasked by a hitman (who was hired by Love’s father to kill him) to assume a new identity and disappear. Joe then heads to London to become a professor.

Here, he meets a group of wealthy friends, but he also becomes involved with the “Eat The Rich” killer who is stalking him and causing all kinds of trouble.

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