How to fix the aspect ratio of Prime Video

In order to fix the aspect ratio for Amazon Prime Video, you can update the application, change your device, or change the aspect ratio on the device.

Amazon Prime Video may be one of the older streaming platforms on the market, but it is still one of the most popular.

Even so, some Amazon Prime Video subscribers experience issues with the aspect ratios of the content on the platform. To fix this, you can try to update the application, change devices, or change the aspect ratio of your device.

How popular is Amazon Prime Video really?

With new streaming platforms popping up daily, it can sometimes be difficult to believe that the old, classic streaming services that have been around for decades are still some of the most well-renowned.

However, in the case of Amazon Prime Video, which launched internationally as a part-streaming and part-rental service in 2016, this is exactly what has happened.

Because of the popularity of the Amazon Prime Video original content that is available on the platform,  and access to exclusive newly-released blockbusters like House of GucciNo Time to Die, and Late Night, Amazon Prime Video still made it into many “Most popular streaming services of 2022” lists.

Some of this original content includes The Marvelous Mrs MaiselFleabagThe Summer I Turned Pretty, and People we Hate at a Wedding.

How to fix the aspect ratio of Prime Video

However, Amazon Prime Video being one of the most popular streaming services to this day does not make the platform perfect.

In fact, even though Amazon Prime Video offers you the option to stream your shows and films in high definition 4K or HDR, many users have found that even though the quality of the streams is high, the aspect ratios of the content can be a bit off at times.

It can become very annoying when you want to sit down to watch a show or movie and there are black bars around the images on your screen, or some of the text or images are cut off.

Unfortunately, Amazon Prime Video automatically adjusts the aspect ratios of its content, and you cannot adjust these ratios again manually.

This often happens because your device’s screen does not have the same aspect ratio as the aspect ratios that the Amazon Prime Video platform supports.

However, if the aspect ratio of your content is really bothering you, there are a few troubleshooting solutions that you can try to try before simply resigning yourself to the fact that the content on your screen will just always be a bit too large or too small for your screen.

This includes making sure that your Amazon Prime Video application is up to date, changing to a different device, and changing the aspect ratio on your device.

How to update the Amazon Prime Video application

Sometimes, an issue with the Amazon Prime Video aspect ratios can be caused by the fact that your version of the application is outdated and is thus no longer functioning properly. Fortunately, this issue is quite easy to fix.

To do this, you need to navigate to the “Settings” menu on the Amazon Prime Video application and to click on the “Support” and then “Software Update” options.

Then select the “Update Now” option to have your device scan for and install any available updates.

Switching devices to fix the aspect ratio issue

In some cases, the aspect ratios of your device’s screen will simply not be optimised to work with the content on Amazon Prime Video.

Moreover, although this issue may be fixed with future updates as Amazon Prime Video continues to expand their list of compatible devices, there is no guarantee that this will happen.

Therefore, it is sometimes best to just start streaming on a different device entirely in the hope that this new device will be more compatible.

Changing the aspect ratio on your device

The Amazon Prime Video application and website may not have the option for you to change your aspect ratio to fit your device’s screen. But you may be able to circumvent this by changing the aspect ratio on your device instead.

This way, you adjust your screen to fit the content, not the content to fit the screen. This can usually be done by going to the “Settings” menu on the device itself and then finding the “Screen” or “Display” settings.

Other Amazon Prime Video users have found that a 10:9 standard display or a 4:3 display ratio works best to minimise cut-off and black bars around Amazon Prime Video content.

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