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DStv launches new channel for viewers hit by load shedding

South African broadcasters are getting creative in response to widespread load shedding in South Africa, launching pop-up channels dedicated to repeating content viewers may have missed due to blackouts.

Multichoice launched a new pop-up channel on DStv called SWITCH’D ON, while Openview has launched Power-UP!.

Multichoice said that the channel is an “intervention” to lessen the frustration of DStv viewers due to the impact of the ongoing load shedding, “which reduces their opportunity to consistently watch prime-time television”.

“This intervention will give viewers up to five times to watch their favourite primetime shows when the lights come back on,” it said.

DStv SWITCH’D ON will operate on channels 109 and 110, starting Tuesday, 24 January 2023.

The two new pop-up channels will air selected prime-time content from Mzansi Magic, Mzansi Wethu and Kyknet & Kie, respectively.

Some of the shows that will be airing include The River, DiepCity, Gqerberha the Empire, Gomora and Arendsvlei, which will repeat multiple times over a 24 hours period.

Multichoice added that DStv Premium and DStv Compact Plus subscribers will continue to be able to view their favourite content through Catch-up and on the DStv app as well.

The move from Multichoice follows a similar ‘anti-load shedding’ channel announced by Openview, which launched on Monday.

Openview’s channel, called Power-UP!, offers 18 hours of catch-up content. It operates on channel 114, showing prime-time shows like Durban Gen, House of Zwide, Scandal!, and Imbewu.

Shows repeat from Monday to Friday, running with two-hour loops, 06h00 to 00h00.

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