Does Donno die in Big Sky?

It is still undetermined whether Donno will end up dying before the end of the third season of Big Sky.

Big Sky is quite entertaining to watch because the show’s mysteries and characters are so well-written.

One of the most popular characters on the show is Donno. However, even though fans were happy to see him return in season three, he was severely injured in the most recent episode and fans will not know if he dies until the season finale airs.

Why do people watch Big Sky?

Big Sky is one of the most popular David E. Kelley crime drama thrillers shows to have emerged in recent years.

The series has managed to engage a hoard of loyal fans since its premiere in 2019. It follows the residents of a small Montana town as they solve various mysteries that unfold.

The show is not quite as unpredictable as you would expect a modern crime drama to be, but the excellent source material and the creator’s brilliant direction for the show make it particularly engaging and entertaining to watch nonetheless.

Does Donno die in Big Sky?

The most recent third season of Big Sky premiered on 21 September 2022.

Although Big Sky is an anthology series and every new season brings with it a whole new mystery for the characters to investigate and solve and a completely different focal point than the one that came before it, the show keeps bringing back some of the most beloved characters seasons after season.

This was also the case when an unlikely fan-favourite character from the second season of the show, Donno, who is played by Ryan O’Nan, first entered the narrative as the physically imposing and threatening goon to the cartel member, Ren Bhullar, who eventually vowed to give up this life before leaving the show.

Although many fans were surprised to see Donno return in the third season of the show, this time as a restaurant worker, most of these fans were absolutely delighted that they would get to see more of him after all.

In this season, it is evident that Donno approaches everything in his life with the same stoic seriousness that he did his cartel job and he even sparks up a romance with Tonya.

However, fans quickly became worried for Donno’s future on the show when he took a few bullets for Tonya at the end of the first part of the third season’s two-part finale.

At this point, it seems unlikely that Donno will survive his injuries, but fans will have to wait until the final episode of the season airs to find out whether he dies or not.

Why is Donno such a fan-favourite character?

At first glance, Donno should not be one of the characters on the show that fans root for. He spends most of the second season of the show killing people, after all.

However, between his deciding to leave his life of crime behind at the end of the

second season and him hilariously taking his job as a cook at Tonya’s Blue Fox Diner much too seriously, fans cannot seem to get enough of the character.

In fact, some viewers even saw his name trending along with the name of the show when he made his grand return and the outcries flooded social media sites after he was so seriously injured.

How did Ryan O’Nan approach this character?

Ryan O’Nan not only plays the character of Donno on the show, but he also acts as co-executive producer in this most recent season. Even so, this has not altered the way that he approaches the character.

Ryan has explained that he took inspiration for the tough-yet-lovable character from Chris Hannah, the lead singer of the Canadian pop punk band – Propagandhi.

What to expect from the season’s final episode

The finale of the third season of Big Sky is split into two parts, titled “Are You Mad?” and “That Old Feeling”.

The last episode of this season will air on 18 January 2023 and while it is impossible to know Donno’s true fate until then, fans of the show have speculated on social media and voiced what they would like to happen next.

Since Donno is such a fan-favourite character on the show, most fans are holding out hope that he will recover from his injuries.

Even though this seems unlikely, and the show has killed off fan-favourite characters without a second thought in the past, this will allow audiences to see more of Donno and Tonya together and may even give them the opportunity to take their relationship to the next level.

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