Does Alex die in 1923?

Alex, who Spencer Dutton meets and falls in love with in Africa, does not die in the first part of season one, despite having some close calls.

1923 takes place between WWI and the Depression era and it follows some of the earlier members of the Dutton family on the ranch.

This includes Spencer Dutton, who meets Alex during his time in Africa, and even though they both have some close calls in the first season of the show, Alex does not die in this season.

What is 1923 about?

1923 is the most recent Taylor Sheridan spin-off show from the hit series, Yellowstone, which acts as the prequel to Yellowstone and the sequel to another spin-off called 1883.

This version of the show follows some members of an earlier generation of the Dutton family, as they struggle with issues of land ownership and family values in a time between wars and the Depression era.

Does Alex die in 1923?

When Spencer Dutton is first introduced in 1923, he is working as a hunter for hire in Africa. From the very beginning, it is evident that Spencer is willing to put himself in the path of danger for his work.

It is also clear that he is struggling with his own demons from his time serving in WWI.

However, his time in Africa is not all hunting, and it is revealed throughout the first few episodes of the season that he is in love with a British woman called Alexandra.

Fortunately for Spencer, Alexandra, or as he calls her “Alex”, is not the same British woman that is killed by the two leopards in the European camp. So the two love birds spend much of this first season so far frolicking on beaches and railroad camps.

In episode three of this first season, Spencer and Alex spend the day tracking a hyena that has been attacking the workers of a nearby camp.

The pair is so wrapped up in each other on the drive home that they do not even notice the charging elephant heading straight for them.

Spencer’s training kicks in and he manages to shoot the elephant after their vehicle is knocked over he kills a hoard of other predators that come through the night to feast on the carcass until help arrives from the railroad camp.

As a result, Spencer and Alex both make it through this night and the first part of the first season without dying and Alex even convinces Spencer to read his letters from Cara.

Why is the relationship between Spencer and Alex significant on the show?

Spencer may seem removed from the rest of the Dutton family for this first part of the show and this confused many viewers about why they are seeing so much of him and Alex in 1923.

However, by the end of the fourth episode, Alex is actually the one who convinces Spencer to read the growing stack of letters that Cara has been sending him for years.

This helps to put the timeline of the show into perspective, but it also reconnects Spencer with the ranch emotionally.

How did Alex opening the letters put the 1923 timeline into perspective?

Until Spencer and Alex started reading through Cara’s letters together, most 1923 viewers had assumed that his excursions in Africa had been happening at the same time, as all of the scenes of the rest of the Dutton family at the ranch.

However, when Alex reveals that Spencer’s brother had died in a letter that was sent three months prior, this suggests that if Spencer were to return to the ranch, it would be months after all of the carnage from the events of the first season.

What does the future hold for Alex and Spencer?

The first season of 1923 follows the same format that Yellowstone has and therefore, has a mid-season hiatus following the fourth episode.

This means that fans of the show will have to wait until 5 February 2023 to see exactly how Spencer finds out about how the shootings and the deaths at the ranch will play out.

Furthermore, since this episode has not premiered on Paramount+ yet, fans have already been flooding social media pages with what they would like to happen.

Obviously, most fans would like to see Spencer return to the family ranch in order to protect the Dutton family lineage and support the remaining members of the family in their efforts to keep the ranch.

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