Wednesday: Do Enid and Wednesday become friends?

Enid and Wednesday may not get along when Wednesday first arrives at Nevermore Academy, but by the end of the first season they have become very close friends.

Jenna Ortega’s portrayal of Wednesday Addams in the new Netflix series, Wednesday, has earned her the respect of her co-stars and critics.

One of the most integral parts of Wednesday’s character is that she is an outcast and loner, even at Nevermore Academy.

However, she and her roommate, Enid, quickly form a very loyal friendship throughout the first season of the show.

Jenna Ortega’s Wednesday Addams portrayal

Jenna Ortega has been praised by her co-stars and critics for her performance as a modern Wednesday Addams in Netflix’s new series.

This was no small feat, as she had to stand out as a lead character in a show with well-renowned names like Catherine Zeta-Jones, Luis Guzmán, Gwendoline Christie, and Christina Ricci in the supporting roles.

Fortunately, Ortega’s take on Wednesday perfectly captures the essence of this morbid, witty, and murderous character and helps to set the tone for the entire show.

Wednesday: Do Enid and Wednesday become friends?

While Wednesday Addams and the rest of her family have often been seen as outcasts in regular society in the past, Wednesday makes her an outcast even among the other outcasts at Nevermore Academy.

When Wednesday arrives at Nevermore Academy, a boarding school that is famous for educating other mythical beings like Wednesday, she is singled out from the beginning and even needs to wear a custom-made all-black uniform, since she is “allergic” to colour.

The other students at Nevermore Academy also do not take kindly to Wednesday’s strange ways; with Bianca slicing open her cheek and Rowan trying to kill her in the first episode already.

However, one person that does not have this aversion towards Wednesday when she arrives at the school is her cheery and colourful new roommate, Enid Sinclair.

While Enid and Wednesday are complete opposites, both on the inside and out, they seem to form a bond almost instantly.

Enid and Wednesday are both struggling with their supernatural powers at the beginning, and both of them are teenage girls who feel misunderstood by their families, not to mention the fact that they are both avid writers.

As the first season of the series progresses, Enid and Wednesday become closer friends, and by the final episode of the season, Enid even wolfs out for the first time in an attempt to protect Wednesday from the Hyde monster.

The tumultuous beginning of Wednesday and Enid’s friendship

Although Wednesday and Enid are connected as roommates from the first moment that she arrives at Nevermore Academy, they do not start out as friends.

Wednesday even removes some of Enid’s decoration from their room and literally draws a line between them when she moves into their dorm.

To add to this, Enid uses every possible opportunity to annoy Wednesday with new gossip or by playing pop-songs while she is trying to write her novel.

In fact, their friendship only really starts after Enid confesses to Wednesday that she has never actually “wolfed out,” and Wednesday reciprocates by telling her about the time that she cried.

Why are fans so obsessed with the friendship between Enid and Wednesday?

There are many  reasons why fans of the show find Enid and Wednesday’s friendship so compelling, but the main reason is the stark difference between the two characters.

Enid loves everything colourful, and she has her ear on every bit of gossip that is spread  at Nevermore.

On the other hand, Wednesday is used to being an emotionless loner and rarely enjoys any of the activities at the school.

Yet, the two have so many other qualities in common and end up forming a strong and loyal bond with each other.

The significance of Enid and Wednesday’s friendship on the show

There are many reasons why Enid’s friendship with Wednesday is important to the narrative of the show.

Firstly, Enid has been at Nevermore much longer than Wednesday has, and thanks to her gossip blog, she is able to give Wednesday many valuable insights during her investigations into the Hyde monster.

However, Enid is also much more open and vulnerable with her emotions and even though this is one of the things that Wednesday dislikes about her in the beginning, it does rub off on Wednesday throughout the show, and results in a lot of emotional growth for Wednesday.

Enid and Wednesday also help each other in their schemes throughout the show, like joining forces in the Poe Cup race or trading assignments on the outreach field trip, which helps both of their characters get what they want.

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