Car Masters: Rust to Riches – Are Gotham Garage builds any good?

The Gotham Garage builds on Car Masters: Rust to Riches may not be to everyone’s taste, but they are detailed and creative.

Car Masters: Rust to Riches differs from other similar reality shows in that it does not only focus on the cars, but also on the team at the Gotham Garage.

Although the show and this team has faced some criticism for their cars through the years, there is no denying that their builds are incredibly detailed and unique.

What do people like about Car Masters: Rust to Riches?

Car restoration programs can be fairly polarising and some people absolutely love the shows, while other people do not like them at all.

While most fans enjoy watching these shows because of their niche interest in classic cars, there are also definitely people who just watch the show because they think it is interesting.

However, what sets Car Masters: Rust to Riches apart from other shows is that the show focuses on the team at Gotham Garage as they build and upgrade absolutely unique cars.

This gives the show a narrative that no other car restoration program seems to have.

Car Masters: Rust to Riches – Are Gotham Garage builds any good?

Gotham Garage may be the central focus of the show now, but this garage was actually established well before the show started airing in 2018.

The team leader of the show, Mark Towle, actually had to work as a prop designer and car expert on the set of various television and film sets for years to save enough money to build Gotham Garage.

Although the show, Car Masters: Rust to Riches, and the crew at Gotham Garage have faced a lot of criticism about the show’s perceived lack of authenticity over the years, there is no denying that they build some of the most creative and uniquely over-the-top cars in the business.

Some critics of the show have complained about the fact that the show and the crew themselves seem to be more focused on being camera-ready than on building the actual cars.

However, even so, many mechanics have complimented the detailed work that the team has done on some of their builds through the years.

It is also true that the cars and bikes that Gotham Garage builds are not always to everyone’s taste and are often considered ugly and outdated.

The garage does do an incredible job at living up to their slogan “If you can dream it, I can build it” by creating plans to build exact replicas of various fantastical vehicles that often do not even exist in real life.

The team at Gotham garage

The team that works under Mark at Gotham Garage and their chemistry with one another has become one of the aspects of the show that fans enjoy most.

Furthermore, while some viewers may doubt the credentials of some of the team members like Shawn Pilot and Constance Nunes who are more well-known for being a famous actor and a model, respectively, their team’s dynamic is part of what makes the show entertaining to watch.

Some of the other team members at Gotham Garage that fans may know from the show are Mike “Caveman” Pyle who is the resident jokester and old-school mechanic, and Tony Quinones, who works at the garage as a part-time mechanic.

Some of the best builds to have come out of Gotham Garage

Though critics of the show often bash Gotham Garage’s team for grossly overpricing their finished builds, there is no denying that the garage has produced some of the most detailed and unique cars ever built on television.

This includes builds such as the Speed Racer Mach 5, the Hot Wheels Splittin Image Car, the Volkswagen Beetle Bug Rod, the Munster Koach recreation, and the Fuzzmobile.

What you did not know about Gotham Garage

The thing that surprises fans of the show the most about the real-life Gotham Garage is that Mark Towle and his team will pretty much modify and upgrade anything with wheels and an engine.

The team has flipped everything from cars to motorcycles to boats. The garage has even customised helicopters and a tractor throughout the years.

Another fact that may be surprising to a casual viewer of the show is that Mark’s love for famous fictional cars from films and television shows got him in legal trouble with Warner Bros. when they filed against him for copyright infringement as he created and sold replicas of the famed “Batmobile” and “Batcycle”.

However, the garage not only takes inspiration from the cars in films, but also from custom-built cars that are used on set.

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